The Heart of Enrollment Masterclass!
Heart of Enrollment Masterclass
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Aug 16-18, 2019 
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What's Included:
  • 3 days LIVE with Adam Markel — an intimate Masterclass where you’ll learn and practice the skills of a highly successful speaker and transformational leader. You’ll work 1-on-1 with Adam to refine and develop your skills, as well as receive invaluable feedback and support from the PIVOT Team and your classmates.
  • Our Speaker & Facilitator Toolkit, where you'll learn different processes, exercises and tools that you can use when you're speaking from stage or while facilitating a group.
  •  VIP Evening with Adam — this is an intimate experience where a delicious dinner is served, along with amazing conversation and time to connect with the other participants and the PIVOT Team.
What You'll Learn...
  •  How to calibrate your sales and enrollment methodologies
  •  How to master the art of speaking effectively from the heart
  •  How to use Accelerated Learning Techniques for super learning and to create 100% participation from your audience
  •  How to master yourself ON & OFF stage
  •  How to manage energy and create context with your audience
  •  How to enroll 100% of your audience in your message and your sale
  •  How to structure the first 5 minutes of your talk, so you hook your audience and build rapport with the entire room 
  •  How to facilitate processes and exercises for massive transformation and breakthrough in your audience
  •  The process to build out your talks, so you can get easily booked and be prepared to speak on any stage
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