Share Your Legacy Message With A Bigger Audience
At The Heart of Enrollment Masterclass Level 2 You'll:
  • Create and deliver your 6 minute Legacy Talk and set the foundation for a TEDx style talk
  • Utilize advanced suggestology and accelerated learning techniques for live and virtual trainings
  • Employ experiential exercises and breakthrough processes and master the skill of story telling
  • Master selling your products or programs online and from stage
  • Envision and structure your digital or live course funnel, including a template to create your product
  • Create the tools required to market yourself as a speaker
You'll Walk Away From The Level 2 Masterclass With...
3 days LIVE in person with Adam Markel. This is an intimate experience where you'll be one of 12 participants learning the art and science of becoming a transformational leader and speaker.
Lunch & Dinners Each Day Adam Markel. This will be an engaging evening with a delicious dinner, amazing conversation and time to connect 1-on-1 with Adam, The Pivot Team and the other amazing participants.
A 6-minute TEDx-style video of yourself in action, sharing your mission, product, program or service.
Our Advanced Speaker Toolkit template, complete with processes, examples, templates and more.
A support network and loving community of like-minded, success and action oriented people.
Support from the Pivot Team! We will be there loving, encouraging and supporting you every single step of the way. No one gets left behind in our world and we will make sure that you stay on track and have the confidence to execute and make bold progress
toward your goals.
Upcoming Level 2 Event Dates
November 15-17, 2019
San Diego - 6 spots available
Graduates From The Heart of Enrollment Masterclass Say...
"I must say that I'm just blown away with my progress here; the mentorship, the tutoring, and all the teamwork that was put in to help me deliver my message to the world. I just can't figure a better place to be than right here. If you've got a message and you're having a little trouble finding the words or putting the package together, you should seriously consider giving Adam a call. He and his team will do an amazing job with you and present your message to the world." — Tom LeBlanc
"What I can say is my life has completely changed. If you have a message that you're trying to clarify or you have a message you want to get out to the world, this is where you belong. I owe it all to all the mentors and staff who are here that made that happen!" — Josh Munoz
"I’ve been a trainer for many years and this Heart of Enrollment course is still great no matter what level you’re at. We have a number of seasoned trainers here, and the progress they’ve been able to make us is still awesome. Adam is a wonderful trainer and takes you to an A++ level. I definitely recommended it." 
— Lewis Eisen
"Wow! Again, Adam puts together the most amazing team in the most amazing setting, and brings the people together. It’s just like watching a garden grow. Everybody just slowly blossoms all the way along the process. I’ve learned so much for myself. I’m so excited for my own personal growth as well as all of the others to see how they’re going to evolve and transform into the world - the ripple effect that we’re going to have." — Sonya Nagy
"The team is amazing, the crew is amazing, the environment, everything that have been created to the minimum detail; they take care of everything. Now, the spirit and the energy that were in all these courses were incredible, contagious, and amazing. So guys, come over here, participate in this engagement and believe me you’re not going to regret this experience. It’s amazing!" — Carlos Orjuela
"I’m just completely amazed. If you’re the kind of person like me, who can get stuck in their heads, and have a lot of great things to say, but you want to learn how to really bond and connect with your audience, this is the training for you. All of what you’re going to succeed at in your career hinges on your ability to build relationships with people you've never met before or who are seeing you for the first time." — Eric Rosen
"This has been the most amazing training. If you have any feeling about wanting to get your message out, wanting to learn how to speak your message in an authentic, passionate, clear way that people can absorb and take in, you want to do this training. It is off the charts! This entire team is so amazing! They don’t miss a beat on anything. I mean everything you can think of is covered here and they deliver it with such love and nurturing; the environment is wonderful." — Debra Graugnard
"Adam Markel is an amazing facilitator. He has offered me processes and useful tools for my business that I can use in facilitating trainings for others. He has mentored me to become a powerfully evolving public speaker. The team has created an amazing container of support within the context of this training. I am so grateful to have received this amazing blessing in my life and for my business." — Keira Lani
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